Welcome to Farrago, we are so glad that you stopped in. If you are not familiar with our shop and even if you are, you are in for a treat. For those of you who are new to Farrago, here is a brief description of who we are. "Farrago" is defined as "a confused mixture; hodgepodge; medley". It simply means that we have several things available.

We offer hair care (there are currently 5 hair stylists at Farrago). We have an amazing massage therapist you must try!  You will meet each of these people as you travel through our web site. We also have a wonderful gift shop in the front. The gift shop represents more than 25 local artists and other unusual gifts.

Take your time as you scroll through the website, you will find a brief bio of each of the ladies here at Farrago. You will find contact information for each person so that scheduling appointments will be quick and easy. You will also find information about any special events that are coming up. We would really like to meet you so, please, don't just stop here, come in and see us. Even if you are not in need of services, stop in and check out the gift shop.