Denise said...

Give Flowers she will really love Valentines Day.

Yes, we love flowers, no matter what you may have heard. How about giving some that really last? I’m sure you’re wondering how you could do that? Right? No, I’m not talking about plastic flowers, a painting, or something that you pour into the vase. I’m talking about real flower essence. AVEDA products are our way of giving you a real aphrodisiac this Valentine’s Day! You see, it’s something called ACACIA (ACACIA SENEGAL) While Ancient Hebrews considered Acacia wood to be sacred; the Aztecs used the gum as both a dye and food, eating the seedpods as an aphrodisiac. Acacia gum adds volume to fine hair in Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Shampoo,  Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Clay Conditioner, and Pure Abundance™ Volumizing Hair Spray. Of course we have these, and yes, we are sure she would love them. It’s just one of the many ideas we have for you this Valentine’s Day at Farrago. A day at our spa, a gift from the shop, or a gift certificate for her to decide. You can’t go wrong either way. Hope you get a great Valentine, come see us!

Posted 226 weeks ago